Grievance Services

The Union works to resolve contractually based grievances between members and their publishers and/or agents. Work is conducted by the Grievance Liaison, who is a Union member (currently Katherine Gordon), and the Union’s Associate Director (Siobhan O’Connor). The Grievance Liaison and Associate Director are advised as needed by the Union’s legal counsel (Warren Sheffer). 


The Union will work to resolve grievances, advise members in a fair and objective manner about their grievances, and provide suggestions and other feedback in an equitable, professional, and constructive manner.


  1. Whenever practical, a member shall have taken reasonable steps to resolve the conflict directly with the party or parties concerned prior to lodging a complaint with the Union.
  2. A written complaint must be filed with the Associate Director for each book or contract which is part of the grievance. (Grievance forms are available by clicking on the link below.)
  3. The grievance must contain a clear, concise description of the dispute and identify the desired outcome or an acceptable resolution.
  4. The member shall provide relevant name(s) and contact information. All documentation should be included, including correspondence, contract(s), royalty statements, etc.
  5. Confidentiality shall be protected throughout all proceedings.


  1. The Writers' Union will acknowledge receipt of the member's request within thirty (30) days.
  2. Staff will contact the member if additional information is required.
  3. Should the Union recommend that action be pursued, the member will be so advised by staff.
  4. Should the Union be unable to pursue a grievance, the reason(s) for the decision will be conveyed by staff to the member.  


The Union’s Grievance Liaison is a member appointed each year by the Union’s National Council.


Please note that grievance assistance via the Union does not represent legal advice. If you wish to seek legal advice, you must retain your own legal counsel at your cost. The Union cannot provide assistance to a member retaining legal counsel.


Click here to download the Grievance Questionnaire.